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Long days and pleasant nights.

Bother Otter
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
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3s, acrophobia, adf, ancient anguish, animals, antagonistic glee, anti-determinism, apollo, ar ndraiocht fein, archery, authentic traditions, biking, bisexuality, celts, cheese, comparative religions, competence, computers, counseling, crime fighting, criminal justice, criminology, druidism, druidry, dungeons and dragons, eddie izzard, environmentalism, ethical sluts, excellence, expecting the unexpected, facebook, fencing, finding the third path, flirting, gaelic, gaia community, games, getting over it, godden, goibnu, google, healthy sexual games, heaving bosoms, heavy metal, hedonism, hiking, honesty, hybrid cars, innuendo, kemetic unorthodox rat screw, kilts, kissing, knots, knotwork, kurs, learning new things, linux, long hair, mafia, mafia the game, marksmanship, massages, math geeks, mead, medieval dances, medieval history, medieval weaponry, my clan, my fiancée, mythology, not breeding, npr, oh my gods, organic farming, paganism, petting and being petted, playing with power tools, polyamory, polytheism, queen of wands, reading, recycling, role-playing games, sarcasm, sca, science fiction, scotland, sex, society for creative anachronism, sociology, tattoos, teaching, thrown weapons, topology, truth beauty and justice, wheel of time, whiskey, whisky, wild hares
Cordian Druid sapling growing in the Midwest; part-time bureaucrat, part-time priest, and full-time pain-in-the-tail.

I'm more of a commenter than a poster, but anyone is welcome here. I may not friend you back if I don't know you (yet), but only a portion of my journal is friends-locked.
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